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Underground Fries

A mound of fries topped with house cheese sauce, crispy bacon, & dusted with UG seasoning.

Underground Beef Sliders

3 pieces topped of with American cheese, bacon bites.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Street Corn

2 pieces. Mayo, queso cotija.

Fried Buffalo Brussels

With blue cheese for dippin'.


Buffalo, BBQ, mango-habanero, or garlic asiago parm with blue cheese and celery.

Wing It: American Classics and More

Wing It: American Classics and More
Indulge in our mouthwatering wings! Our American-style wings are a crowd favorite. Choose from classic buffalo, tangy BBQ, or zesty garlic parmesan. Served hot and crispy, they're perfect for sharing or as a meal on their own. Don't miss out on our irresistible wings!

Get Your Wings: Delivery and Pickup Options

Get Your Wings: Delivery and Pickup Options
Get your wings delivered hot and fresh! Our American restaurant offers convenient pickup options too. Choose from classic buffalo wings, honey BBQ wings, or spicy garlic parmesan wings. Enjoy our delicious wings from the comfort of your home with our reliable delivery service or swing by for a quick pickup.

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